SMARTLogixTM maximizes efficiencies and brings true competitive advantages to fuel and lubricant distributors.

Rick Martin, founder and CEO of SMARTLogix, has deep roots in the petroleum industry. He began his career as an engineer at Exxon, but after more than 10 years, decided to leave major oil and purchase Culp Petroleum, a small fuel distributor in Rock Hill, SC. Rick became frustrated with the inefficiencies that were taking place within his fuel distribution business and began to experiment with ways to improve the revenue his drivers produced each day. His vision and determination led to the development of SMARTank, the petroleum industry's first internet-based, completely wireless, tank level monitoring system.

New Delivery Standards
The SMARTank system transmitted customer tank levels directly from the tank to cell towers and allowed Culp Petroleum to view their customer tank levels through a secure website. Knowing precisely " when to go" and " how much to bring" helped Culp Petroleum expand its market radius and increase its delivery efficiency by as much as 40%. This established a new delivery standard in the petroleum industry.

Full Circle
Once SMARTank was in place, Rick established SMARTLogix and began to use Culp Petroleum as a proving ground for further innovations. The introduction of SMARTruck took direct aim at improving the access and information flow in the dispatch and delivery processes.

SMARTruck harnesses the latest digital wireless technology to automate the tank wagon, transport and fleet fueling processes while providing real-time location, operation and transaction data to the distributor.

The growth that Culp realized using SMARTank and SMARTruck mirrored the growth of SMARTLogix which led Martin to sell Culp in 2006 and focus on providing innovative solutions to petroleum marketers.

Redefining an Industry
SMARTank and SMARTruck come together to create a powerful platform for petroleum distributors that automates the order and dispatch process while providing direct links to their back office accounting systems. Customers worldwide maximize their profitability by leveraging the professional services and seamless solutions provided by SMARTLogix.


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