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If You Are Not Moving Forward; You Are Moving Backward!


This Japanese word has changed business in America

Betsi Bixby

There is a Japanese word that is the driving force behind most of the quality improvements over the last 20 years in the US.

It was the backbone of things like "total quality management" (famous for turning the US auto industry around), "just in time inventory" (the system that made Dell into the computing powerhouse it is now) and more recently, it is the secret weapon that has made Google the dominant player on the internet.

That word is "Kaizen" and it means "continuous improvement"

Let me illustrate it better for you:

Using the Google example - here was a company that entered an already crowded marketplace with not one but two 900 pound gorillas, Yahoo & Microsoft. By focusing on making small and consistent improvements to their results, they overtook all the competition and knocked the two leaders off their thrones.

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Think about how amazing this is:

They had NO brand or name recognition.
They NO market penetration.
They had a little money but nothing compared to Yahoo or MS.

In other words, no advantage!

But what they did do was constantly test and try new things and make small & consistent improvements to their interface, to the experience of the user, to getting better results while everyone else was content with holding on to what they had. There is truth to the old adage "if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward" after all.

You don't need to go to Japan to discover the small and consistent changes to your credit policies, your cashflow, your employee retention, the value of your business etc. You can take your business to the next level right here.

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