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DM2 Software/SMARTLogix Truck Automation Integration (Watch video!)

► DM2 Software/SMARTLogix Truck Automation Integration                                    (Click here to watch video!)

SMARTLogix Integration Features:

 Automatically send Sales Orders to SMARTLogix Dispatch and Driver Handhelds instantly
 Orders can be entered in either system and automatically synchronized
 Real-time Credit Checks regardless of how orders are entered
 Orders created in DM2 Dispatch Scheduler can be automatically sent to the
SMARTLogix system
 Includes Shipping Instruction memos
 Order changes in DM2 are automatically sent to SMARTLogix depending on order status
 Automatically populate Bill of Lading information from SMARTLogix
 Provides summary or detail transaction information for fleet fueling invoicing

DM2 Software - since 1989, DM2 has been developing and supporting back office/ERP systems specifically designed to provide petroleum marketers with
the tools they need to automate their operations and maximize profit margins.
In partnership with SMARTLogix™, DM2 has taken truck automation to the
next level. SMARTLogix Logistics solutions keep your petroleum distribution
operation running smoothly by simplifying dispatch and tracking product
movement throughout the entire delivery process. Real-Time inventory information, GPS tracking and exception reporting are just a few examples of the feature-rich SMARTLogix solution. By adding the SMARTLogix Truck Automation module to your DM2 Petroleum Insights back office/ERP system, you
can further streamline your delivery and fleet fueling operations while improving
your cash flow.

Streamline operations and eliminate double entries and keying errors by automatically sending priced and taxed orders from the MAS90/MAS200 Sales
Order module to the SMARTLogix Dispatch module and Handheld driver units
instantly. Or, enter orders into the SMARTLogix Dispatch module or on the
handheld units. Either way, both systems are automatically synchronized and
credit is checked in real-time. Provide fleet (wet hosing) accounts with consolidated, summary invoices via the Sales Order module or send per vehicle
transaction information to DM2’s CardLink module for detailed invoicing.

Improve cash flow by updating the Sales Order module instantly after each
delivery is made via SmartLogix's Wireless technology . Operators can easily
see which deliveries are ready to be billed and select and convert orders into
invoices with just a few mouse clicks.


 Eliminate Manual Entries:  Eliminate double entries and keying errors by automatically populating Customer Account or ShipTo addresses, Sales Order, Bill of Lading and Inventory Item Maintenance screens between systems in real-time.

 Improve Inventory Control:  Maintain up-to-the-minute inventory control with real-time wireless communications. Also integrates with SMARTank tank monitors.

 Increase Cash Flow:  Reduce time from delivery to invoice by automatically capturing delivery information in real-time. Captures signatures digitally to verify proof of delivery.

 Increase Margins:  Increase dollar margins per gallon delivered by identifying Best Buy pricing opportunities and maximizing delivery routing with GPS logistics tracking.

 Reduce Paperwork:  Eliminate the paperwork associated with order entry, dispatch and delivery functions.


SMARTLogix, Inc. is the technological leader in the development of a digital
platform for the petroleum logistics business. Their SMARTruck System is a fully integrated hardware and software solution for order entry, dispatch, real-time truck communication, and delivery tracking. The realtime capability of the system allows business transactions to flow according to the needs of the business without delays from entering paper tickets or waiting for data transfer at the base location. Alerts and alarms provide real-time information availability to management regarding critical performance metrics. SMARTLogix’s primary market is the petroleum logistics business in North America. Their target customers are distributors of petroleum products (bulk fuels, lubes) as well as end users of petroleum products who operate their own fleets.

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