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SMARTLogix to present at Chevron Signature Solutions Class in Chicago - Oct. 8th

SMARTLogix has been invited to present at the Chevron Signature Solutions Class in Downers Grove, IL on Wednesday, Oct. 8th.

The presentation will explain the "logic" behind wireless tank monitoring and how to receive a substantial return on your investment.

Use the SMARTank ROI Calculator to determine:

  • Does a customer tank have enough throughput to justify a monitor?
  • Does the customer have enough throughput to justify capacity in my truck?
  • How much throughput is required to drive to the next profitable market?
  • Do I have the right sized tank at a customer location?


SMARTankTM is a completely wireless tank- level monitoring system designed to provide petroleum distributors with the ultimate in flexibility and performance. SMARTank monitors require no external power, telephone connection or control boxes. Simple installation and unparalleled ease of use puts SMARTank in a class of its own.

Contact Chevron for more details:

Daniel Margosian Ph.D., STLE CLS
Training Specialist

Global Lubricants - North American Region
Chevron Products Company
Tel 630 922 4203  Fax 630 922 4204



Using SMARTank, you can increase:

  • Delivery efficiency by 40%
  • Your dollar margin per gallon delivered
  • Fleet capacity and utilization
  • Your regional market area
  • Customer satisfaction

SMARTank also enables you to:

  • Decrease the number of invoices generated
  • Eliminate costly emergency deliveries
  • Consolidate dispatching functions
  • Set yourself apart from competitors

You can provide your customers with less worry, less paperwork and fewer restrictions than ever before because they will:

  • Process fewer invoices
  • Never run out of product
  • Never need to stick their tanks
  • Never need to call or fax orders
  • Minimize down time so operations run at peak performance

SMARTank is the simplest, most dependable solution available to petroleum distributors. SMARTank's completely wireless and flexible features make it easy to install and implement in a variety of configurations. You can use SMARTank in single tank, multi-tank and retail UST (Veeder-Root® ) applications. Its secure website makes tracking your  customer's activity second nature. SMARTank will be quickly adopted by your staff as the tool they depend on to make your operation run more efficiently and profitably.

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