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SMARTLogix @ ConocoPhillips Lubricants Marketer Conference in Buena Vista, FL - Nov. 11th

SMARTLogix has been invited to attend the ConocoPhillips Lubricants Marketer Conference 2008.

Date: Tuesday Nov. 11th

Location:  Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa in Lake Buena Vista, FL

Contact:  Monica Rey @ ConocoPhillips Lubricants

Ph:  832-486-2835 or monica.r.rey@conocophillips.com

SMARTLogix will be showcasing the SMARTank completely wireless multi-tank monitoring system and their  wireless real-time inventory, remote access bulk inventory solutions

 Multiple Tank Solutions

TC 5000 (Wireless Bulk Tank Solution)                                   Prophet Client            

 SMARTank’sTM new “Multi-Tank Architecture” allows tank-level information from up to four “Client” tank monitors to be consolidated by one “Host” monitor and then reported with a single cellular call. This unique multi-tank architecture is completely wireless and provides the same convenience and flexibility as our single tank monitor. It also provides a 20–50% savings when compared with typical multiple tank installations.  The Wireless "Multi-Bulk Tank Architecture" allows tank-level information from up to 10 "Client" tank monitors to be consolidated by one "Console" and then read remotely via the web or locally via the display; real-time.

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