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At what point in the day am I able to dispatch orders to my trucks?
With the real-time connectivity provided by the SMARTruck system, you are able to dispatch orders any time, day or night, and they will arrive on the truck’s handheld within seconds. Many customers schedule several days in advance using Routes Schedules, Forecasting and Tank Monitor integration modules within SMARTLynx.

Can I input orders into my current system, or do I need to enter them in the SMARTruck system?
In most cases orders can be entered into either system and will retain the Back Office Sales Order number while still referencing the SMARTLynx Sales Order number.

Can SMARTruck be used for Frac Fueling?
SMARTruck is the only system on the market today that can allow a driver to seamlessly fuel equipment for multiple companies on one Job Site and accurately handle the complicated billing scenarios while breaking down the fueling, truck time, and driver and helper time per Stage all by simply scanning a barcode.

Cellular reception is poor in some of the areas our trucks deliver. Is that a problem?
That is not a problem with the SMARTruck system. Your SMARTruck system is in an engineered “store and forward mode” that captures all of your GPS hits as well as all of the fueling records that take place while out of a service area. Once your truck re-enters a service area, all the stored data will be immediately off-loaded back to your server. Satellite options are also available for areas that have little to no cell reception in an entire region.

Do I have to be in the office to dispatch and manage my trucks?
No, SMARTLogix provides a robust platform that allows you to access all dispatch functions and track all of your trucks from any device with internet access including SMARTPhones and SMARTPads with RDP apps.

Does SMARTruck include Elogs or Driver Logs?
SMARTruck offers an integrated Electronic Driver log solution for DOT compliancy or as a Stand Alone solution for your fleet. All driver hours and maintenance is tracked in real time and historical data stored for easy access via our customized web portal.

Does your system handle multiple tanks at one location?
Yes, Our LAN/WAN system combines 900 MHz technology with a cellular device to offer a completely wireless system that allows you to monitor multiple tanks at a location with only one wireless cellular transmitter. This architecture saves considerable money by allowing a single unit to report the level of up to four tanks with one call.

How can I determine where my biggest ROI benefit will come from at my company?
SMARTlogix offers Professional Services to our customers to help map out current business processes, identify gaps in the process and determine specific targets within your business that will yield the largest ROI.

How do I get my delivery data into my back office system?
SMARTLogix integrates to virtually any back office system. The data is either automatically placed into your current back office tables, or we can provide an interface that pushes and pulls data between the systems.

How easy will it be for our drivers to adapt to the new system?
Most drivers adapt to the system in a day or two and when asked a month later; they don't know how they would do without. The system was designed by a fuel distributor for fuel distributors, so the application was designed with simple logic in mind. The repetitiveness of doing multiple deliveries per day will reinforce the usablity and shorten the learning curve.

How long does it take to install the SMARTank monitor?
The monitors can be installed by your drivers in less than five minutes. The installation doesn't take time - it makes time!

How long does the battery last?
The average battery life is 18 months on clam shape lid monitors and extra battery packs be added to extend life to 36 months. The newly released Prophet has re-engineered power circuit management that can provide 30+ months. You can purchase replacements directly from SMARTLogix.

How much do they cost?
A lot less than what you are currently spending on inefficient deliveries! Call us at 803-547-8265 for pricing models and we'll show you how much money our system can save you.

How reliable is your system?
The SMARTruck system is designed for the petroleum market and all the associated issues that come with it. The driver handheld is built to military specifications and is able to withstand extreme temperatures, driver drops, and weather related moisture. All fueling transactions and GPS are stored on the Handheld and backed up on the SMARTbox in the truck and data stays in a store and foreward mode until Cellular or Satellite communication is established. Redundant, Accurate and Accountable.

I have a 40-foot tank. Will a SMARTank monitor work on that tank?
Yes, the SMARTank monitors are designed to go in virtually any size tank in any location. Largest tank to date is over 53ft, 1.3 million gallons.

If my cell phone doesn’t work in an area, how will the monitor work?
We have 98% coverage across the US, and our monitors transmit information in small data packets; whereas, your cell phone has to send large, cumbersome voice packets that require greater signal strength. Contact a SMARTank representative to review coverage maps on extremely remote areas as we have solutions.

What happens if I need to move the monitor to another tank?
Remove the monitor, call us, and install it in an active tank. It's that easy. The previous locations historical readings are stored for that monitor, on that tank, at that location but once installed at a new location it starts a new set of history.

What happens if my drivers or dispatchers have problems with the system?
The SMARTlogix Support Line is available 24/7/365 to handle any issues quickly and effectively. Our support staff uses remote control software to be able to remotely access a drivers handheld to show them how to use the system. All calls are recorded for quality control.

What part do my customers play in the installation and monitoring?
Other than smiling and relaxing, they don't have to do a thing. It's so simple though that our 24/7 support staff can walk them through the steps in less than 5 minutes.

What products can SMARTank monitor?
The SMARTank monitor can be used for any liquid products including gasoline, propane, diesel, lubricants, DEF, crude, water and chemicals. Contact SMARTank directly if you have specific application questions.

Where does the tank have to be located in order for the monitor to work?
The SMARTank monitoring system uses cellular technology so there is no base station. You can put the tank wherever you want and move the tank while the monitor is installed. If you have multiple tanks at a location then RF monitors on a tank can communicate their data to a Host monitor on it's own tank that receives those tanks readings via RF and then transmits those readings along with it's own tank readings via Cellular in one nice neat packet to save you money on communications.

Will I have to go to each one of my tanks myself to install the monitor?
Just give a unit to your driver and have him or her install the monitor during the next scheduled delivery to the tank. We also offer installation services through certified 3rd party partners.



Real-Time Wireless Technology White Paper - Great Lakes Petroleum & Parman Energy
Real-Time Wireless Technology Drives New Accountability. SMARTLogix applications bring new efficiency, productivity and profitability to petroleum marketers.
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SMARTruck's onboard mobile technology provides your drivers with technologically advanced but easy-to-sue handheld devices. Implementing SMARTruck software allows you to centralize your dispatching operations and manage driver and truck activity in real-time.
SMARTLynx Dispatch and EyeCue Dashboard
SMARTLynx software offers petroleum distributors unequaled levels of control, accountability and efficiency in the petroleum distribution industry. Sales orders can be taken, forecasted, planned, tracked, dispatched to trucks in the field in real-time. Digitally reconcile deliveries and loads to approve and post to your back office from one integrated platform.
SMARTank Wireless Tank Monitors
SMARTank monitors are completely wireless and can be deployed into any size tank, any where. With multiple solutions for all of your needs, SmarTank can monitor any liquid product including diesels, lubes, gasoline, DEF, salt water, used oils and propane on above or below ground tanks.
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View a summary of all tanks locations, inventory levels and reorder or low alarm levels. Plot tanks on a map via GPS or reverse geocoding the address to build route density. Run delivery efficiency reports for real-time ROI.
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Barcode/RFID scanning and digitally capturing totalizers from the register provides efficient and error free fueling of fleet vehicles, railroad locomotives, or on-site equipment. Features like automatic no flow shut off, Locked vehicle list and preset to asset capacity minimize spillage and theft.
SMARTruck - Frac & Event Site Fueling
Implementing SMARTruck software allows you to seamlessly fuel multiple companies assets on a Frac or Event Site while accurately billing the correct company and capturing the driver, helper and trucks time on-site.
SMARTruck eFleet - Electronic Driver Logs & DVIR
Provides the necessary tools to improve driver safety and ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations, while eliminating the need for paper logs. Monitors drivers hours, time conflicts, and DVIR records via onboard truck technology and website.
Don't Say that word...Technology

Sigma Article - Al Warren Oil - Dec. 2013
"Clients who use our fuel management system can get back to what they do best, which is running their companies. We take care of monitoring fuel levels and automatically scheduling deliveries when levels get low. "It's a tool that's taken our service to the next level.

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